Child-safe chatGPT for kids.

Hachiko AI – safe AI for kids

We are building the internet first safe AI for kids, powered by GPT-4.

Play, explore, learn and ask questions to real AI and get child-friendly, simple answers.



Let your kids explore the world of AI in child-safe manner.


AI-tutor that helps kids with their homework. Rather than providing quick answer –> helping to solve


Story generation, image generation, exploring the world, asking questions – boosting your kids creativity

AI friend

Non-judgemental, child-safe AI friend. Anytime. Everywhere.
If we notice something – we notify you as soon as possible.

Let your kids be powered by AI, not disadvantaged.

AI is here to stay.
Let your kids explore it.

AI is not going to disappear and your kids are going to be influenced by it’s development. If not by our child-safe AI, then by other AI solutions that are not kids-friendly.

We build Hachiko AI with an idea in mind of supporting and helping the kids with their life while maintaining it safe.

Saving your time as a parent while keeping you updated on everything your kids are doing with Hachiko AI.

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